Why do we choose vector?

Vector images are created by numerable coordinates,which are contained in the files. Vector images can be scaled up or down infinitely without the loss of resolution. By comparison with the bitmap files, the vector files are much smaller. Vector image also enable you to change colour and edit individual elements with ease.


What is a vector image?

There are two types of images:raster-based image and vector-based image.Raster-based or pixel-based file formats{GIF,TIF,BMP,JPG}is made up of pixels.There is not much we can do with it other than using this image on the web. We can't even enlarge it,lest the pixels of the image become rather worse.However, vector-based image can be scaled to any size without any quality loss.Besides they can be easily edited.Thus the vector-based image is the best choice for a logo or any other line art.


File Types Explained

Lots of graphic file types are explained in more details.


Vector Conversion Examples

Some previous examples of bitmap to victor conversions.